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If you are thinking about starting a career in the hospitality industry, you are making a great choice. Working in hospitality offers you a wide range of job opportunities and has loads of advantages over other industries.

Here is why YOU should work in hospitality:

1. The People:

If you are a people person or even if you aren’t, you can become more friendly, personable and open through working in hospitality. Hospitality jobs involve talking and managing different people. Some may be local, others may be tourists from all around the world. That is something you don’t get in every workplace or industry.

2. Your Skillset:

Working with a diverse range of customers and interacting across different cultures and age groups will give you a valuable skillset. Learning to communicate effectively with others is something which you can carry with you into any job position in the future and also transfer into other industries if you wish to change careers.

3. The Appreciation:

The nice thing about working in hospitality is feeling that the work you do for others is appreciated. It is a great feeling knowing that you’ve just made someone’s day (or night). You can achieve high job satisfaction through making others experiences happy which other jobs and industries may lack.

4. The Diversity:

Working in hotels, cafes, bars, casinos, catering, travel and restaurants give you various job opportunities as there are so many locations and job positions available. It can also give you the flexibility to travel around the world and do what you love.

5. The Progress:

If you work hard, you can progress quite rapidly in hospitality. There are plenty of opportunities to move up into higher positions such as management. If you put in the hard work and acquire qualifications along the way you may find yourself in a satisfying senior position earlier than you could in other industries.

6. The Variety:

Working in the hospitality field is exciting as it is different every day. This is great for those who do not want to feel like their work day is stuck on repeat.

7. The Perks:

Finally, there are some great perks to working in this industry. You can enjoy yourself, make great friends in colleagues and receive tips or rewards for excellent customer service.

Working in hospitality may be high-pressure at times, or you may have to work long or unconventional hours. However, the advantages are evident. If these advantages far out way the disadvantages, hospitality is for you!

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