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When it comes to the increasingly crowded market of online job seekers, it’s important to be aware of innovations that enable you to distinguish yourself from the crowd.

So, what’s trending in the digital world at the moment? VIDEOS! Why not turn your standard resume into a video!

It may seem like a time-consuming task but 30 minutes spent creating a Video Resume could prove to be a highly valuable investment to your future career.

Here’s why:

1. Stand out from the masses

A video resume is undoubtedly more high-impact and attention-grabbing than your standard resume, and can therefore set you above the rest of the crowd.

If you’re an IW2W candidate it is well worth your while to add a video resume to your profile. Even though this portal gives both employers and employees more effective solutions for employment, it’s still important to try and distinguish yourself amongst other job seekers on the platform. Uploading a Video Resume gives you a well-rounded and complete profile and will enhance the appeal of your profile to potential employers.

2. Showcase your personality

A video resume is kind of like landing an interview prior to even getting the interview. Through a video you can communicate to potential employers your personality and communication skills which can sometimes even compensate for a lack of experience or accreditation (depending on the role of course!).

3. Work Ethic

Although a well-constructed and concise resume tailored to a specific job is important in terms of showing your keenness to work, a video resume can take this to a whole new level. By taking the time to prepare a video resume it shows you’re a keen and dedicated job seeker who not only takes pride in themselves but is also willing to do ‘that little extra’ when it comes to work.

4. Credibility

Videos are often viewed to deliver a much more authentic and honest message to their audiences. It’s much easier to lie or ‘twist the truth’ when using words in a resume, a video resume enhances your credibility and delivers a much more authentic and honest account of who you are to prospective employers.

New job portals such as I Want 2 WORK recognise the need to keep pace with modern innovations, and hence provide candidates the option to upload a video resume as part of their online profile.

It’s portals such as these which disrupt the current recruitment paradigm, essentially providing a more efficient and effective solution to the entire recruitment process.

Stay at the forefront of this arena:

Create a video resume and use the I Want 2 WORK portal to showcase it today!



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