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The current recruitment paradigm has made the online job search world an increasingly crowded arena.

Job seekers often place value in quantity of job applications, holding the view that surely out of a thousand applications they’re bound to hear back from someone.

And when they don’t, well…. frustration hits the roof.

But as we stress over and over again – QUALITY IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN QUANTITY

  1. Spend time on your resumé & cover letter:

Show employers you are really serious about the job you are applying for. Spend time tailoring your resumé and cover letter to the specific job and company. Make sure it’s up-to-date and well written (without grammatical errors!).

  1. Apply for a carefully selected job:

Don’t just upload the same resumé a thousand and one times to different jobs. Make sure you read the job ad properly and really understand what you’re applying for. Again, QUALITY of applications not QUANTITY.

  1. Clean up your Social Media presence

As we discuss in our article what NOT to do on Social Media it’s no secret that recruiters in the digital age will more than likely view your social media before they hire you. Make sure you present yourself online the way you would in an interview or at work. As we discuss in this article, certain things on social media can really deter employers from giving you an interview or hiring you.

  1. Network – Engage with people in the real world

Don’t just sit behind a computer screen and then become frustrated when you hear nothing back. It’s very easy to become lost amongst the sea of online job seekers.

Attend events and engage with people in the real world – it’s much easier to make an impression and connect with potential employers when you engage with them in person.

  1. Look for new avenues for engaging with employers:

The digital world is a continuously evolving phenomena and there are always new innovative avenues for engagement popping up.

Platforms such as I Want 2 WORK  change the dynamic between recruiters and candidates. Instead of the frustration found in applying for hundreds of jobs and hearing nothing back, candidates spend time building their profile and are then contacted by employers who have the ability to select people who fit their criteria.

This saves time, money and frustration for all involved!

Sign up as an employee or get your business on board today!

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