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Have you ever been on the job search and thought to yourself “I’ll apply for anything” because you are unsure of what type of career you want to build? Being open to working in a variety of jobs is a great mindset to be in, but it could find you in a job that may not maximise your strengths, abilities or happiness. Narrowing your search can increase your chances of landing a job you enjoy – but how do you know what job suits you best?

Here are some tips to help you discover your own skills, and how to turn them into a career:

1. Personality

Although all personalities are complex and multi-faceted, tests such as the NERIS Type Explorer Test can be helpful in identifying and breaking down particular elements of your personality that relate to work. Some traits you may hold are:

  • Introvert or extrovert
  • Observant or a dreamer
  • Imaginative or practical
  • Self-motivated or need direction
  • Listener or a narrator
  • Free spirited or teamwork based
  • Structured or flexible

The personality traits you hold can help you discover what type of industry or job suits you best.

2. Skills

It is useful to think of the skills you currently hold and the skills you wish to develop. Defining what are you good at is a good place to start. For example, you may have great personal skills (communication, organisation, problem solving) and wish to improve your technical skills (numbers, computer skills, technology). This exercise can help you find a job role you are suited to, or give you motivation to gain experience and improve your skills.

3. Dislikes

The process of elimination is beneficial in discovering what job and career you want. Thinking about what life experiences or work experiences you have disliked, and also your weaknesses, will get you one step closer to discovering what you want to do. Knowing what you don’t want to do will help you land a job where you are happy, and where your strengths are maximised.

4. Take advantage of the people around you

Use your resources. If you are struggling to find the right job for you, talk to others. Trying to self-analyse can sometimes be difficult, and talking to other people can often uncover great things about yourself. Those close to you such as your family, friends or even current co-workers may be able to shed some insight and direct you to finding your passion.

In order for opportunities to arise it is essential to define what job you want. Adding a job role on your I Want 2 Work account will help employers discover your profile, so you can find a job that compliments your skills and experience. If you don’t already have an I Want 2 Work account, sign up and be one step closer to discovering your ideal career.


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