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As a Job Seeker, which field is the most important field on your profile?

When you are completing your profile, one of the most important fields to set is “Your Next Job“. You can find the link on Your Personal Dashboard, when you log into the I Want 2 Work site.

Why is “Your Next Job” so important? Employers will be searching for candidates using “Type of Job” as their key search criteria. It therefore stands to reason that a prospective employer will want to search for a specific job role, like a Photographer, Motor Mechanic or Carpenter. If you want to appear in these search results you need to have “Your Next Job” set. You can change your next job as often as you like, and you also have the opportunity to list a number of jobs which you have the education, skills or desire to do by upgrading your account. Think carefully about the type of job you want to be offered as we have over 800 different jobs in the I Want 2 WORK database already.

Want to be seen in more than one type of search?

Like many people, you might not know exactly what type of job you are prepared to do, or indeed what type of job will have you appearing in more search results. For example you might have a desire to be a Treasury Accountant, Senior Accountant or an Accounting Manager. By upgrading your profile you can add more job roles – which means you will appear in more search results more often – increasing your chances of landing that dream job. That’s one of the advantages of upgrading your profile.

If you choose to stick with an IWant2GetStarted Basic package, that’s just fine. Make sure you choose the job that you want and build your profile by adding Your Skills, a stunning Personal Headline and a great Professional Summary to make your profile stand out from the crowd! You will be appearing in search results with other candidates, so you need to ensure that you capture a potential employer’s attention.

If I put Job X, will I only appear in those searches?

“If I can only enter one job role, will I only appear when an employer searches for that job role?”

Say you enter Your Next Job as a Storeman. Does that mean you will only appear in search results when potential employers search for a Storeman? In short, no. Our search engines recognise relevant relationships between job roles and industries. Ideally though, if you enter a number of job roles you will appear in more search results. If the job role you enter is highly specific (say a Blacksmith) it is not likely that such a job role will be searched often. However, if you enter a number of roles – say Blacksmith, Stable Hand and Horse Strapper – you will have a much greater chance of landing a role working with horses.

Spend some time considering “Your Next Job” and adding your skills and education to complete your profile. You are more likely to be seen more often by relevant employers looking for people just like you. The more often you appear in these search results, the better chance you will have of landing your dream job role!

We show you how your profile will appear to a prospective employer, so that you can really tune things up and land the job you want. You can see this by clicking the public profile tab on your dashboard.

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