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Online videos account for 50% of all mobile traffic and are now beginning to take charge in the recruitment industry.

With the current dysfunction of the recruitment paradigm, people are looking for new and innovative ways to manoeuvre themselves in this highly saturated arena. Whether it be employers creating job adverts or employees wanting to showcase their profiles – online videos are fast gaining popularity.

It’s no secret that a picture tells a thousand words, but what is a video worth?

  1. Stand out from the masses

The current paradigm has amounted to a seriously crowded arena. Employers are sorting through mass volumes of resumes with large numbers of candidates becoming increasingly frustrated with a lack of responses from their multiple job applications.

Videos are gaining popularity due to their high-impact and attention-grabbing nature. They are being viewed as a sure-fast way for employers and employees to stand out from the crowd of job ads and resumes.

  1. Cost Effective

Videos are now being used to showcase companies and candidates alike. Whether it’s a smart phone or iPhone, video technology is a cost-free and easily accessible tool for both companies and individuals.

The ‘film festival’ video by Deloitte was at the forefront of this trend and showcases the effectiveness of this tool. Their video entailed more than 2,000 employees taking short videos from their cell phones revealing the fun inside their company. With virtually zero production cost the ad was deemed a huge success.

  1. Time Effective

It’s no secret that the high-tech, high-speed nature of the digital age has created an ever-increasingly fast paced culture in today’s society. Videos are becoming a much more favoured tool for employers looking to sort through the mass volume of resumes as they are a lot quicker to engage with than reading through lengthy resumes.

  1. Authenticity

Videos are also seen to more effectively showcase personality and deliver a much more authentic and honest message to their audiences. It’s much easier to lie or some might say, ‘twist the truth’ when using words in a job ad or resume, however a video is viewed as a much more authentic means of communication.

If a picture is a thousand words, a video is therefore thousands of pictures delivering millions of words.

So where to from here? Are traditional resumes and written job ads a thing of the past?

Should we all be making videos?

Well the answer is – no and yes.

Traditional formatting of resumes and job postings will always have a place in the industry however focus should now be towards building a complete profile which combines both words and video.

New Platforms such as I Want 2 WORK showcase the effectiveness of this approach – combining the traditional components of a resume with videos to build a more effective communication dynamic between employee and employer.

Find out how it works:


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