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Keeping track of your employment history throughout your working life is a good habit to get stuck into. It helps you stay organised and prepared for the future of your career, wherever it may take you.

Employment history can include anything that relates to work. You should be documenting your jobs, but also any volunteering, training, work experience and internships. That way, when you are ready to move on and look for a new job, or an opportunity arises, you are ready to go.

What things should you be documenting?

Document more than just your job title and workplace. Your employment history should include the tasks, projects and experiences you have undertaken. It is also great to note any programs, technology or machinery you have used specific to your industry to show off what you systems you can use. And don’t forget to include what you’ve achieved in past roles: did you increase sales? Grow an audience? Take note of all your successes.

If you keep a record as you go, it is easier to explain your skills and talents gained from these experiences. This almost certainly will ease the interview process and help avoid those mental blanks!

What about for work experience?

Work experience and internships may be short, but they are extremely valuable for future job positions. Having experience in your chosen industry puts you a step above the rest of the pack. If you haven’t had any work experience, consider looking for an internship: it’s a great way to get your foot in the door.

Once again, document the tasks, skills and programs you have used. More importantly, keep note of the workplace details and a contact person so you can use them as a referee. These are great to keep for potential employers.

How to keep track of your employment history?

A great way to keep track of your employment history is to make an online profile. I Want 2 Work makes this super easy. You can create an online employee profile and add new information when you change jobs, or gain new responsibilities or skills. That way, you will have your current employment history in one place, ready for whenever you need it. Unlike your resume or CV that most likely is only saved on your computer at home, your I Want 2 Work account is online and can be accessed anywhere, any time.

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