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Hands up if you remember the last time you enjoyed a job search? Searching for a job is a long and tiring process that tests your self esteem (rejection letters, we’re looking at you. And that’s assuming you even hear back from the employer). And if you’re an employer looking to hire someone new, wading through CVs and fielding endless calls and emails is exhausting.

See you later, job search

The shift to job profiles has changed the way job seekers find work and employers hire talent – for the better. It has put the power and confidence back into consumer hands.

Employers know what candidate is right for their business. Rather than waiting for applicants to apply for a job, employers are now selecting and contacting job seekers through job profiles. And job seekers are being discovered more easily, too.

Many websites have made the change to job profiles. LinkedIn has introduced job features where recruiters can search profiles and message those who look suitable. Traditional job search websites such as Seek have also adopted features where employers can scan through uploaded resumes.

Job profiles = the solution

I Want 2 Work is also changing the traditional recruitment method, and it’s Sydney’s fastest-growing jobs marketplace. It allows job seekers to establish an outstanding job profile and provides a low-cost staffing solution for employers, who can shortlist the candidates sent to them. Employers can contact candidates they like through the portal in a fast and cost-effective manner in comparison to other online platforms.

Want 2 work? Here’s why you should sign up Job seekers (who can register here) have the power to create a job profile and choose the industry and role they wish to work in. They can showcase their strengths, skills, experience, education and more in a professional way to get them job ready. This information will appear in search results, so they will only get contacted for job opportunities that are relevant to them!

Want 2 hire? Here’s why you should sign up Employers (who can register here) have control over who is right for their business. They can search, shortlist, select and contact the right job candidates for their business. By utilising data and filtering features, employers are saving valuable time searching through job profiles that match their job brief. The portal also presents job profiles in a snapshot, showcasing the most important information. This gives employers the ability to skim through profiles in a timely manner. It is also one of the most cost-effective solutions on the market. Contacting a job seeker will only set you back $9.95. IWant2Work is revolutionising the recruitment and job industry.

Register as a job seeker or employer and connect to find the right job, or employee today!


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