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Being a job seeker certainly hasn’t been easy over the last few years. From snap lockdowns to industry shutdowns and an endless amount of Zoom interviews, finding a new role has been tough. The good news? Job ads are up, and it’s an employee’s market, so it’s the perfect time to put yourself out there and find a new gig. We’ve put together a list of the hottest jobs going right now, all of which have had significant job ad growth recently.

Painters & Sign Writers

If you fancy yourself on the creative side and have a good eye for detail, then this one is for you. With jobs ads for painters and sign writers up an incredible 157% it’s time to crack out your paintbrush, along with your killer resume, and get noticed.

Carpentry & Cabinet Makers

Another win for the tradies out there. Carpentry and cabinet maker roles are up 146%, making them one of the most sought-after tradesmen right now. So, whether you’re a seasoned professional, or long for a career change after binge watching the latest season of The Block, there are plenty of carpentry jobs available right now.

Childcare Workers

If you love being creative, working with children, and have a whole lot of patience, then working in childcare could be for you. With parents returning to the office or a WFH/remote hybrid role, childcare and before and after school centres are seeking staff. Job ads are up 107%, so now’s the time to search for your dream childcare role – or start studying to get yourself qualified for the future.

Chefs & Cooks

Uber eats is good to us when we’re feeling lazy, but there’s nothing quite like the experience of going out for a good meal with friends or family. The search for chefs and cooks in Sydney is on the rise. Job ads are up 108%, so you could be cooking up a storm in no time.


Have an eye for design and a strong understanding of the retail space? Then becoming a merchandiser could be for you. With stores opening back up and Christmas fast approaching, it’s no surprise that merchandiser job ads are up 103%.



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