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How To Thank Your Staff This Christmas

Gift them personalised stationery Personalised stationery is both thoughtful and practical. Think a monogrammed leather notebook, laptop case, or coming into the new year, a personalised planner that can be…

How to prepare your business and staff for lockdown lift

Today officially marks ‘Freedom Day’ in Sydney, as we leave lockdown after a mammoth 107 days of staying at home. For a lot of us, this meant working from home…

How to stay connected to your staff during lockdown

Another week of lockdown. Yawn. By now, your staff are probably settled into a routine of working from home, but they may also have hit a lockdown plateau: fatigue (especially if they…

How to support your employees during lockdown

Lockdown is an uncertain time for everyone, and each time it happens it brings huge changes to every part of our lives. Depending on your business, there’s a chance your…


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The hottest jobs right now

Being a job seeker certainly hasn’t been easy over the last few years. From snap lockdowns to industry shutdowns and an endless amount of Zoom interviews, finding a new role…
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How to dress for success in a job interview

Interviewing for a job comes with all sorts of nerves, so the less you stress about what you’re wearing the better. If you feel confident in what you’ve got on, this…
how to take professional headshot on iphoneBlogJob Seeker

How to take a professional headshot (even with a phone)

If your professional profile has a headshot, you are 18 times more likely to be noticed by a potential employer. That’s why adding one to your profile is so important…
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The new way to job search

Hands up if you remember the last time you enjoyed a job search? Searching for a job is a long and tiring process that tests your self esteem (rejection letters,…

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8 Habits For A Healthier Workday

1. Pack a pre-made lunch A great way to start your workday on the right foot is to pack a lunch. By bringing your own lunch to work you can ensure…
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Exercises At Your Desk: 8 Easy Ways

Doing exercise at your desk is an easy way to get some movement in to your day (which should ideally start with a solid morning routine). Sitting at a desk…
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5 tips to perfect your morning routine

A great morning routine sets the tone for the day, boost your energy levels, and is often seen as the key to a successful day. From waking up at the…
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5 tips for staying healthy during lockdown

Sydney has entered its fourth week of lockdown, marking close to a month of being away from our normal routines. It’s easy to form some not-so-healthy habits during lockdown, and…