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How To Thank Your Staff This Christmas

Gift them personalised stationery

Personalised stationery is both thoughtful and practical. Think a monogrammed leather notebook, laptop case, or coming into the new year, a personalised planner that can be used all year round. Make the gift extra personal by engraving a thank you message.

Give your staff some paid time off

Christmas is an extremely busy time for everyone, and if your workplace remains open until Christmas Day your staff will be feeling the pressure to find time to get everything done beforehand. Work out a system where each staff member gets some time off to shop for their Christmas gifts or spend some extra time with family leading up to the holidays. If it works for your business, also consider closing a day or two before Christmas.

Surprise them with an office gift 

Instead of giving out individual gifts to your staff, buy one larger one that everyone will be able to enjoy in the office. Think a great quality coffee machine, a new breakfast bar, or even a foosball table to add some fun to office lunches.

Treat them with an experience

This is the perfect opportunity to give a great gift, while encouraging some good old team bonding at the same time. From a lunch cruise to a jetboat ride, an experience is a great way to show you care.

Host a round of ‘Secret Santa’

Have your staff draw names for an end-of-year Secret Santa. Decide on a budget and a date to host the gift exchange. For a fun spin on the traditional Secret Santa, give Bad Santa a go. It’s the same idea – that everyone exchanges gifts – however this time your staff have the chance to steal gifts from each other during the exchange. Perfect for workplaces that love a bit of healthy competition.

Brighten their day with flowers

Flowers are always a welcomed gift, no matter the occasion. A beautiful bouquet is the perfect gift to brighten their day and their home for days to come. For something a little different, a dried bouquet is another great idea for a gorgeous gift that will last.

Update the office over Christmas

Looking for a gift that will keep on giving? An office makeover is a great way to say thanks to your staff and make their workspace more comfortable for the new year. Think updated furniture, ergonomic chairs, or something as simple as some new plants to freshen up the space. Your staff will appreciate the surprise when they head back to work in the new year and be able to enjoy the new space all year long.

Plan a Christmas party

A staff Christmas party is the perfect treat for your staff after a long year of hard work. Plan an event that everyone can enjoy and give your staff notice that it is coming up. Whether it’s an office party, a long lunch, or a day out, a Christmas party is a must for celebrating the end of the work year.

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