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Feeling overwhelmed within your small business is a very common feeling which can be dealt with if addressed. Business coach Alison Morgan shares her top five tips on how to stop being overwhelmed within your small business.

Tip 1: Recognise what is making you overwhelmed

The first step to stop feeling overwhelmed within your small business is to recognise what is making you feel this way. Reflect on, and write down, what is triggering this feeling of being overwhelmed. Once you are able to work out what is making you overwhelmed you can then ask yourself if this work can be outsourced.

Tip 2: Consider outsourcing work

Outsourcing work is a great way to take some stress off yourself when managing your small business. Consider outsourcing individuals or companies that offer the specific skills you need help with, so you have more time to tackle tasks that work to your strengths. Consider exactly what you are looking for when outsourcing, and how you will delegate tasks. Take time to the find the right person for the job and don’t wait to outsource if you know a big project is coming up.

Tip 3: Follow a structured to-do list

Having a huge to-do list can often appear overwhelming and it’s often hard to even know where to start. Alison recommends giving some structure to your to-do list, by breaking it down into smaller sections and centralising your list. Keep track on important tasks and dates in a system that works for you. Whether that’s written in a note pad, or electronically on your phone or laptop. Choose a system and stick to it. Alison suggests your to-do list focuses only on short-term tasks and that longer term projects be kept in a separate list.

Tip 4: Delegate tasks appropriately 

It’s important to ensure that when hiring staff you hire the best staff possible that match the positions you are hiring for. Being prepared well ahead of time will make all the difference when doing this. Alison then recommends really considering what are the strengths of each of your staff members so you are able to delegate tasks accordingly. Don’t try to do everything yourself, use the people around you.

Tip 5: Schedule regular breaks throughout the day

This may be easier said then done, but it’s super important to take breaks throughout your work day. It has even shown to increase productivity! Alison suggests scheduling your breaks in your calendar as if they were meetings, giving them the same sense of priority. Do what works for you, depending on your day-to-day schedule. Holiday time off is equally important and works wonders for your mental health and productivity.

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