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So, it’s time to resign and break the news to your current employer that you are moving on. This either means you’ve performed exceptionally well in your interview and landed a new job, or maybe you’ve decided to take some time off work to travel. Either way, resigning is something you’ll have to do which often can be tricky and bittersweet.

Resigning whilst keeping the peace is simpler than you may think. Even if you loved your job, or absolutely cannot wait to get out of the place, leaving your workplace gracefully is important as you never know when you might cross paths again.

Here are some tips to consider when you resign:

1. Give suitable notice

Giving notice is something you should always prepare for and stay informed about when initially considering to leave your current workplace. When you resign, it is important to give your current employer adequate notice so they can plan a replacement. This may involve hiring new staff or training a current employee. Therefore, ample time is needed.

Notice periods differ between employers and job roles but can range from a few hours as a casual member to a few weeks in a permanent position. If you stick by your required notice period, the transition of your resignation will be a smoother process. If you are in the case where you feel like your position is harder to fill, as a show of good faith you can always choose to allow extra time to make it easier for the team you are leaving behind.

2. Keep it polite

Having good manners throughout the resignation process can make a huge difference when it comes to leaving your workplace behind. We recommend speaking to your boss and direct managers in person prior to announcing it with your teammates. You should also try to disclose any negative feelings and somewhat limit the boasting surrounding your leave to respect your team. This reduces the risk of things getting awkward or uncomfortable.

3. Write a letter

To make your resignation official you will need to write a resignation letter. Even if you’ve already spoken to your boss or manager, a letter is a formal means of confirming you wish to resign. It’s not only a necessity, but it helps reduce miscommunication in which sometimes can be a sticky situation. It should contain your end date with the company along with some positive feelings about your time spent there. It is a great time to thank your workplace for the experience you’ve gained to end on a positive note.

It’s just as important to leave a good impression as it is to make a new one. Remaining professional and leaving peacefully can positively impact your career progression in years to come. It is always best to maintain good relations with past employers as you never know if you will cross paths again, ask questions or need references for future jobs.

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