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Interviewing for a job comes with all sorts of nerves, so the less you stress about what you’re wearing the better. If you feel confident in what you’ve got on, this confidence will come across to the interviewer. Here’s our top tips to present the best version of yourself in an interview and dress for success!

Tip 1. Stick to your own style

Stick to the style you feel most comfortable in, with some alterations so it fits the formality of an interview. Love wearing dresses and skirts? A skirt suit could be the perfect option for you. Do you love wearing jewellery? Don’t be afraid to accessorise for the interview but keep it simple with some studs and a small necklace. If you feel confident in what you’re wearing, this confidence will come across to the interviewer. Also, interviewers want to see who you are and what you’re about so it’s important you present the real you in an interview.

Tip 2. Dress for the job you want

Different industries have totally different dress codes, so it’s a good idea to wear something to an interview that you could see yourself wearing to your new job if successful. For example, formal business wear is appropriate for an interview at a large corporation, while wearing something so formal to an interview for a retail position may get you a few strange looks.

Tip 3. Go with the safe option

Unsure what attire is appropriate for the job you’re going for? We present to you: The Safe Option – outfits that will always get the tick of approval and will work for just about any interview. For men, dark trousers or chinos with a button-up shirt is always a good option. Trousers are also a good option for ladies, or a mid-length skirt. Paired with a plain blouse and some simple flats or small heels, you can’t go wrong. Opt for neutral hues for your clothing such as black, tan, or grey and always remember to iron your clothing before the big day.

Tip 4. Keep it simple

It’s important that whoever is interviewing you can focus on what you’re saying and how great a candidate you are for the role. You don’t want your strengths to be outshone by distracting clothing or accessories during your interview. Keep it simple with jewellery and avoid wearing bangles or earrings that make a loud jingle or get in your face. A tie can be a nice formal touch for an interview, but again keep it simple. Your brightest tie will have its time another day.


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