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By February 27th, 2018FAQ - Payments

I Want 2 WORK charges various rates for some of its activities. However, as a Job Seeker or Work Experience Candidate, the IWant2GetStarted  Basic membership is free. There are upgrades to your membership that you can purchase.

Job Seekers can upgrade their membership which will give them additional benefits on this site. A full explanation of charges and features can be found HERE.

It’s free for Employers to join the site, but we charge one credit for you to make contact with a potential job candidate. Currently the cost to contact a candidate is $9.95 for Job Seekers and $6.95 for Work Experience candidates. We sell credits in packs and each contact costs one credit. However, if a candidate does not get back to you within 48 hours, we refund your credit. And if a candidate declines to talk to you, you also get a refund. So you only pay for people that respond!

We don’t charge placements fees, success fees, etc. As an Employer, your cost is $9.95 to make a successful contact with a Job Seeker and $6.95 to make a successful contact with a Work Experience candidate.

A video and explanation of the process can be seen HERE.


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