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How do you choose a career path when you have a number of interests and a number of options?

As a Millennial, you are born into a culture grounded in the belief that the future holds endless opportunities. The larger access and quality of education combined with the opportunities of the digital age have created larger windows of choice, but as you grow up you begin to realise that the older you become, the more these windows become smaller.

The issue now is of making choices. Although this may seem like the best problem EVER – Sometimes too much choice is just as daunting (if not more) as not enough!

Here are five simple steps to make the process a little easier:

1. Determine your strengths

This may seem obvious, but it can be really helpful to break this down. Think about the kind of things you enjoy doing and areas you may have previously excelled in. Also consider what kind of areas you’re naturally drawn too or have always found easy.

Once you’ve figured out your strengths try and match them to particular industries or professions and see which one’s interest you the most.

2. Take a personality test

Many high school career advisers use personality tests to help their students determine which careers or particular industries they are most suited too. A personality test not only gives you a greater understanding about your emotional and cognitive makeup but it can help you to navigate which careers may be better suited to your personality type. We recommend The Myers Briggs personality test.

A number of our co-workers have taken it and we’ve found it to be pretty spot on!

3. Think about the kind of lifestyle you want to live

A full-time or even part-time job is where you will spend a large portion of your time and your job will consume a large part of your mental space. It’s safe to say, your career shapes your lifestyle.

So really consider what suits you and ask yourself questions like: Do you prefer indoors or outdoors? Are you a people person or do you prefer to be alone? Are you an active person or do you prefer to sit down? Are you a doer or a thinker?

Now apply the answer of these questions to possible career options and see if they match up.

4. Ask Questions

Once you have a general idea of the field you think you might want to work in, we recommend finding industry professionals and asking them questions. Find out what they think of the industry, where they think it’s going and what it’s like working in it.  The internet knows a lot, don’t get us wrong, but in terms of getting an honest ‘hard-core facts and opinions’ type of answer, industry professionals should be your go to.

5. Get Experience


Work Experience and internships are often the perfect way to really get a feel for a particular career. It’s much better to do work experience and test something out than to spend 4 years studying it at university, become locked into a full-time role only then to realise it’s not what you want to do. Even if your role is basic, you will gain invaluable exposure into particular working environments. And you never know, it can often be that stepping stone into landing an actual job!

The www.iwantworkexp.com site is a great place to start if you are looking for work experience today! Sign up for free and connect with employers who are offering up positions in various industries!

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