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How to get a job in Sydney with no experience

Finding a job in Sydney with no experience can be challenging task, because your experience is one of the main things employers look at when hiring.  Yet regardless of your experience levels – even if they none or minimal – by properly presenting the skills you do have to a potential employer, and maximising on work experience opportunities available, scoring a job in Sydney on limited to no experience is still absolutely possible. Here’s how to do it.

Volunteer where you can

Volunteering proves to employers that you are dedicated to your chosen field – so much so that you are willing to give up your valuable time to improve your skills, broaden your knowledge and dive into the work itself. It’s estimated that approximately 3.6 million Australians volunteer for a non-for-profit or community organisation, equating to countless hours given back to the community. If you’re lacking experience, volunteering is an outstanding path to travel, and one that can help you make connections within your industry, seek practical advice from people employed in your desired field, and demonstrates to employers your ability to work cooperatively with others and seek new challenges. It is a credible way of adding real work experience to your resume.

Structure your resume to emphasise the skills you do have

So, you don’t have the experience that the job role seeks. Don’t let that stop you! When sending through your resume to a potential employer or creating a profile on a job site, make sure you structure your CV in a way that promotes what skills you do have. Capitalise on any qualifications you have, and also any secondary skills or experience in related fields that might be of benefit to the role – and there’s more than you might think! Relevant industry experience is anything that closely resembles the skills required to complete a job; in simpler terms, it is a credible example of you displaying the skills of the job itself. Be sure to highlight what soft skills you have – think of transferrable skills like time management, communication and teamwork to name a couple. While experience can be gained, these interpersonal skills are less easy to suddenly develop, and are often crucial in maintaining a proper workplace culture.

Look into the NSW Government’s work experience opportunities

To gain valuable experience in your chosen career path, consider looking into the NSW Government’s work experience opportunities available. Presented via career type, employment-seekers in Sydney can visit the New South Wales working and business website, and filter through the verified proposed opportunities available – from Department of Defence opportunities, through to Fire and Rescue work experience, or even experience at the Sydney Cricket Ground. This hub of information is valid, reliable, and state government-verified to help you add that all-important experience to your resume. The National Work Experience Programme is also another excellent opportunity and option to consider when seeking quality work experience. The program places participants in real-life, unpaid work experience placements, allowing jobseekers to demonstrate their skills to future employees, while gaining confidence and refining their skills. Something worth considering, and also a great initiative to pitch to potential employers, who can enjoy subsidies and benefits for participation.

Finding a job in Sydney – or anywhere for that matter – is achievable. By being proactive; volunteering where you can, emphasising your existing and secondary skills in related fields, and considering taking part in state and national work experience opportunities and programs, you’ll be in an excellent position to snap up the job you have always wanted, and be left in the mind of employers for future opportunities.

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