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Finding a job, particularly in a city as densely populated as Sydney, has often being dubbed a difficult task – especially when you are aiming to stand out among so many other job hunters. But is it really hard to find a job in Sydney? The short and simple answer is no. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, of Sydney’s approximately eight million people, only 5.6 per cent are unemployed. Even despite the turbulence of a global pandemic, there were around 82,700 job vacancies recorded in New South Wales in the November 2020 quarter, and new jobs continue to be created in 2021. The real test is navigating your way to one of those jobs available. Here’s what you should know.

There are more jobs than meet the eye

A study from the Wall Street Journal has found that around 80 per cent of job vacancies aren’t publicly advertised – meaning just because you think a company isn’t hiring, doesn’t mean they don’t have a position available. It’s known as “the hidden job market”, and this is where available positions are not formally posted online, and instead filled internally or by word-of-mouth recommendations. With this knowledge in mind, consider contacting an employer directly to introduce yourself, and outline how your knowledge and experience will be of benefit to their company. Career coach and speaker Nancy Collamer suggests that directly contacting an employer shows initiative, and makes you more likely to be remembered for future jobs. “Even if the place currently has a hiring freeze, you’ll be top of mind when positions do open up,” she says.

Work for a small business

Statistically and geographically speaking, small businesses reach far further than any other; making up a huge 98 per cent of all businesses in Australia. So if you’re finding it difficult to find a job in Sydney, turn your focus to the small business sector. An article from People 2 People suggests that small businesses are likely to market available positions a little differently to the larger corporations because they have a smaller pool of employees to consider promoting internally, so they often need to do so externally. Small businesses may advertise positions on their individual websites, local newspapers, Facebook or other social media platforms, or may even place a sign for an available job in their window – so keep your eyes peeled.

Network to find a job in Sydney

With Sydney’s beautiful cityscape and bustling streets comes ample opportunity to network and make connections with your own personal brand. In Collamer’s career guide article on Forbes, she says that networking operates on the cardinal rule of “give before you get”, and by making authentic connections with like-minded individuals, these people will be more likely to consider you for future job leads and share their personal industry knowledge. “Networking is about building genuine relationships, not asking for favours,” Collamer explains. Another simple way to keep growing your personal network within your desired industry is through LinkedIn; which is also the perfect avenue to market your employment experience in a clear, user-friendly way that shows your employer know that you are serious about a job in your preferred field.

While it is unlikely that finding a job in Sydney – especially your dream job – will ever be something considered ‘easy’, it is certainly not as hard as you may believe. By reaching out to companies directly, improving your networking skills and considering working for a small business, you are sure to leave yourself in good stead to land a job you enjoy in Sydney.

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