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How to support your employees during lockdown

Lockdown is an uncertain time for everyone, and each time it happens it brings huge changes to every part of our lives. Depending on your business, there’s a chance your…

How to use hashtags on Instagram to grow your small business

Using hashtags on Instagram is a quick and easy way to reach new audiences, increase engagement and expand your business potential. Business coach Alison Morgan shares her top six tips…
hiring employee for small businessBlogEmployer

How to find good employees for a small business

Choosing employees who are qualified and committed to their role is of top priority to every employer – regardless of the size and scope of their business. But finding good…
6 simple ways to motivate employeesBlogEmployermotivation

6 simple ways to motivate employees

A motivated employee is a valuable asset: they're likely to work harder, provide better customer service, a better quality of work and be an excellent reflection of your business. So…


how to take professional headshot on iphoneBlogJob Seeker

How to take a professional headshot (even with a phone)

If your professional profile has a headshot, you are 18 times more likely to be noticed by a potential employer. That’s why adding one to your profile is so important…
job profiles group of young friends laughingBlogJob SeekerRecent Articles

The new way to job search

Hands up if you remember the last time you enjoyed a job search? Searching for a job is a long and tiring process that tests your self esteem (rejection letters,…
Phone interview tips how to prepare I want 2 work male in suit holding mobile phone job interview businessBlogJob Seeker

The phone interview cheat sheet

Prepping for your upcoming phone interview and not sure what to expect? These five handy tips will help you nail it. Phone interviews are typically the first stage of the…
how to answer what are your weaknessesBlogJob Seeker

How to best answer ‘What are your weaknesses?’

In your next job interview, there is a high possibility the interviewer will ask you about your strengths and weaknesses. Typically, an interview is where you are trying to impress…

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fit lady female girl in kitchen cutting pear cooking healthy breakfast fuel for busy work dayBlogTips and Advice

5 tips for staying healthy during lockdown

Sydney has entered its fourth week of lockdown, marking close to a month of being away from our normal routines. It’s easy to form some not-so-healthy habits during lockdown, and…
fit lady female girl in kitchen cutting pear cooking healthy breakfast fuel for busy work dayBlogTips and Advice

5 breakfasts that will give you more energy at work

Looking for breakfasts that will give you more energy at work? Look no further. We've rounded up five of the best options to kickstart your day so you can fuel…
how to change from being a busy person to being a productive one man under pressureBlogTips and Advice

How to change from being ‘busy’ to becoming ‘productive’

Are you one of those people that says “September's over already?”. If you are, it may be because you feel so busy that the year has just flown by. With…
there are 2 types of people in the world, what does your email inbox say about you personality two girls sitting on a couch on their laptopsBlogTips and Advice

What your email inbox says about you

There are two types of people in this world: those with hundreds of unread messages in their inbox, and those who can’t relax until that pesky little notification icon is…