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As we discuss in our previous article, cultural fit is critical towards successful business practice. So the question is:

How do you assess the cultural fit of potential employees?

We’ve developed four key steps:

1. Assess personality type: introverted vs extroverted

A candidate’s personality type can be a good indicator as to how they will fit within your workplace.

For example, a highly extroverted personality will more likely enjoy a workplace based on an open-plan design fostering employee engagement. In contrary, an introverted personality may be more suited to an office set-up where conversation is kept to a minimum and team play is a more structured and privatized aspect of the business.  It’s therefore important to first identify the kind of workplace environment you have and choose candidates most suited to this design.

Although all personalities are highly complex and multi-faceted, tests such as the Myers-Briggs Personality Test can be helpful in identifying and breaking down particular elements of a personality.

2. Work out their interests/hobbies

Determining a potential employee’s interests and hobbies can often be a good indicator of how well they will fit within your workplace.

For example, you may be running a health/fitness based company so employees who share health/fitness orientated interests will most probably be better suited to your workplace than someone who doesn’t share any interest in health/fitness.

It’s important to note that sometimes diversity of interests can be beneficial but you want to make sure they won’t clash with the general consensus of your workplace.

3. Assess their core values

You also want to establish whether your potential employee’s values align with your workplace values. These could be things such as integrity, honesty, diligence, work ethic. Ask questions like whether they value money or experience? Or whether they place more value on profit than social welfare? Make sure they don’t possess any values that would contradict those of your workplace.

Essentially you want to choose employees who will promote and enact the core values of your company. After all, a company or workplace is just a concept, a phenomenon. What makes it tangible are its’ employees.

4. Use your judgement

Most importantly, use your intuition, your judgement. Someone can be perfect on paper but in reality there may be something just not right. Sometimes the general energy and feel for someone can really only be assessed through face-to-face meeting. An interview can be the perfect time to really gauge this and assess how they would really engage and fit into your workplace culture.

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