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5 breakfasts that will give you more energy at work

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Looking for breakfasts that will give you more energy at work? Look no further. We’ve rounded up five of the best options to kickstart your day so you can fuel yourself physically and mentally to take on whatever is thrown at you. These classic breakfast favourites, as well as some new and improved options, will save you time, money, and calories and sustain your energy levels all day long.

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how to change from being a busy person to being a productive one man under pressure

How to change from being ‘busy’ to becoming ‘productive’

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Are you one of those people that says “September’s over already?”. If you are, it may be because you feel so busy that the year has just flown by. With work and home life, does anyone have free time anymore? Well, perhaps it is time to start working on becoming less busy, and more productive.

What is the difference between being ‘busy’ and ‘productive’ you may ask? There is a huge difference between the two. You can be busy all day and still feel like you’re behind on accomplishing your tasks. Whereas if you are productive you most likely have made a solid start, if not you’re already finishing something you’ve set out to do.

For example, have you ever crossed off 80% of your to-do list without getting the two most important things completed? You might have been really busy, but were you productive? Here are some differences between busy people and productive people:

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What your email inbox says about you

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There are two types of people in this world: those with hundreds of unread messages in their inbox, and those who can’t relax until that pesky little notification icon is gone. So, what does your email management say about you?

Inbox Zero

If your inbox is completely clean with all messages and emails read, you are part of the majority. One user poll found 67% of people like to achieve an empty inbox (inbox zero).

An organised inbox could also mean:

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What should you do if you feel stressed at work?

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Work stress isn’t fun, and it’s alarmingly common. New research shows 64 per cent of Australians are stressed at least once a week at work. Heavy workloads, unrealistic deadlines, working overtime, time pressures, miscommunication and lack of support can all contribute to work stress levels. Staying healthy at work is essential for your productivity and wellbeing, but jobs can inherently be difficult at times. If your work stress is getting on top of you, try these tips. Read More

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