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Career Development

Why changing careers could be the best decision you ever made

By Blog, Career Development, Job Seeker

Changing careers can be scary and it often involves a high degree of risk. As you grow older, it’s easy to feel trapped in one career but what you need to know is that it’s never too late to change! With online study options and digital technologies, the 21st century holds virtually endless opportunities.

If you are frustrated with your career but aren’t sure whether changing is the right decision, here’s 5 points to consider : Read More

Why a video resume can help you land that dream job

By Blog, Career Development, Digital, Job Seeker, Personal Profile, Professional Profile

When it comes to the increasingly crowded market of online job seekers, it’s important to be aware of innovations that enable you to distinguish yourself from the crowd.

So, what’s trending in the digital world at the moment? VIDEOS! Why not turn your standard resume into a video!

It may seem like a time-consuming task but 30 minutes spent creating a Video Resume could prove to be a highly valuable investment to your future career. Read More

4 tips when writing your professional summary

By Blog, Career Development, Job Seeker, Professional Profile

Your Professional Summary gives you the opportunity to distinguish yourself from the rest of the crowd. It’s a paragraph concisely explaining your career goals and professional experience. It lets employers know what you can add to their business, and is an opportunity to showcase your strengths and skill set.

Although it may only be a short paragraph, it can often be the difference between you and another potential candidate.

It’s important to get it right! Here are 4 simple steps to help you on your way:

Read More

millennial career path work experience holding a compass infront of lake at sunset

A Guide for Millennials: How to choose a career path when you want to try everything

By Blog, Career Development, Internship, Job Seeker, Recent Articles, Work Experience

How do you choose a career path when you have a number of interests and a number of options?

As a Millennial, you are born into a culture grounded in the belief that the future holds endless opportunities. The larger access and quality of education combined with the opportunities of the digital age have created larger windows of choice, but as you grow up you begin to realise that the older you become, the more these windows become smaller.

Read More

where to place your time when looking for a job

Where to place your time when looking for a job

By Blog, Career Development, Job Seeker

The current recruitment paradigm has made the online job search world an increasingly crowded arena.

Job seekers often place value in quantity of job applications, holding the view that surely out of a thousand applications they’re bound to hear back from someone.

And when they don’t, well…. frustration hits the roof.

But as we stress over and over again – QUALITY IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN QUANTITY

Read More

Video Referencing: Why YOU should be using it.

By Blog, Career Development, Digital, Job Seeker

The digital age has created an overtly crowded arena for the employment world with even the most highly accredited candidates often finding it difficult to stand out.

As discussed in our previous article videos are fast becoming a dominant mode of communication in the recruitment industry with video job adverts and video resumes becoming the ‘go-to’ for employers and employees seeking to differentiate themselves in this highly saturated market. Read More

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