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digital matchmaking

We are not your regular job search site or recruitment company. I Want 2 Work is different. We like to think of ourselves as professional matchmakers, whether it’s for a short-term contract or a lifelong career.

Opportunities come
to you

If you want to work, our portal is the perfect place to attract the attention of potential employers. You can establish a free profile in just a few minutes, get discovered and find work. No more time wasted on endless job applications - Employers search for you and the skills you have to offer. It’s that easy.

Stand out from
the crowd

You can build a professional resume using our IW2W Resume Builder tool. Or, if you want to take an extra step to stand out from the crowd, you can take advantage of our IW2W Video Resume feature which allows you to create an online video to showcase your personality.

Fostering the right fit for
your business

If you need talent fast, you’ve come to the right place. Our team is certain that we can help your business save time, money and frustration by making the recruitment process easier. We have ditched the old-school recruitment model and put employers back in control of finding the right employee, for the right job, at the right time.

Fast and cost effective

Simply create a job brief with the details of the role and search our community of candidates by using our unique data-backed search functions. You can then make contact with the candidates that you have chosen as the correct fit for your business! You’ll only pay when a candidate accepts your contact request and will stay anonymous until you’re both ready to connect. It’s affordable, fast and secure – the way the hiring process should be.

Growing community of users

I Want 2 Work is a breakthrough alternative to the tired old job search sites and traditional recruitment. With excellent customer service and a growing community of users, I Want 2 Work is the ideal way to discover your ideal candidate or career and get to work!

How It Works
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