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Technology is rapidly transforming all aspects of society and research indicates there will be massive shifts in the current jobs market. As many roles become increasingly streamlined through automation technologies and digitalization, a large number of existing jobs will become virtually non-existent.

Here’s 8 we believe are well on their way to extinction!

1. Librarian

Paperback books are in steady decline due to increasing popularity of e-book downloads and online podcasts. Digital search functions also enable users to search library books online which has meant the demand for librarians is rapidly declining. Macquarie University’s library is a prime example, being one of the first robotic libraries in Australia it allows students to be able to read majority of its content and make book orders online.

2. Telemarketers

The demand for digital marketing and the use of automated sales systems has meant a steady decline for telemarketers. Guess this might not be such a bad thing, no one liked telemarketers anyway!

3. Paper Boy/Girl

Increasing popularity of online news sources has resulted in a rapid decline for print media. As the younger generation move forward, the preference for digital news over print is only increasing, resulting in fewer delivery routes for paper deliverers.

4. Cashiers

Online shopping and self-checkout stations have contributed to the steady decline of cashiers. Online shopping trends have significantly reduced the walk-through rate for retail stores with a majority of them now focusing efforts towards building effective e-commerce platforms. In addition to this, self-checkout stations mean that even less cashiers are needed and it’s predicted that in the future this process will become completely automated.

5. Photography Lab Processors:

Digital photography has completely obliterated the photo lab market. Trends towards digital photography have meant fewer pictures are being printed and those printed can now easily be developed with online processes, kiosks and automated machinery.

6. Social Media Experts

While this may seem surprising as social media is hot topic for business advertising at the moment, experts predict this role won’t be in demand for long! The younger generations have grown up with social media and it has become such an intrinsic part of their daily life they won’t feel the need to hire someone to manage the process.

7. Travel Agents

Online platforms such as Webjet and Expedia have resulted in a serious decline in the use of travel agents. Consumers are always looking for more efficient ways to do things and booking travel online is one of them!

8. Airport Ticket Agents

At the airport, you now only need 5 ticket agents instead of 15 to check people in. Kiosks and online check-ins are becoming more and more popular and experts predict that in the near future the entire check-in process will be completely automated.

The forces of globalization and automation driven by the rapid growth of technology are shaping the world in ways human’s never thought possible. These example of declining industries are just a small fragment of the massive changes that have already begun to occur.

Stay tuned folks, the world is evolving!



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