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The ability to speak more than one language gives YOU an advantage over other job seekers.

Australia is a multicultural society, which speaks various languages. According to the latest Census data, 21% of Australians speak a language other than English at home. That is one in five Australians! The most popular languages include Mandarin, Arabic, Cantonese and Vietnamese.

It is increasingly becoming an advantage to speak more than one language in Australia, particularly when seeking a new job due to the attraction from prospective employers. Bilingual or multilingual candidates are attractive for employers as they have the ability to break down language and cultural barriers within the organisation and also relations to its customers or clients.

If you fluently speak another language, your skills are particularly useful in the following industries:

Social work

Social workers deliver support to individuals, families, groups and communities in need. As a social worker, you may work in schools, hospitals or community centres. As this role can involve working with a variety of different people, removing possible language barriers is a great advantage to easily communicate and understand someone’s needs or issues.


Fluency in another language helps in various writing pursuits as a journalist. Being bilingual or multilingual is especially helpful for research, conducting interviews, and writing for foreign media.

Customer service

In a customer service position, you may interact with customers from various backgrounds and languages. If you are fluent in more than one language, you may be able to communicate to those customers in a more effective manner. For example, you may pick up on nuances to better serve their needs.


Education in Australia is becoming more multicultural. More commonly, Universities attract many international students, with numbers growing every year. Various roles from teaching to administration can benefit from bilingual or multilingual workers as they help international students feel at ease.


Visitors and tourists from all over the world come to Australia. Therefore, hotels and restaurants benefit from bilingual or multilingual employees. Speaking in a visitor’s first language can provide better service, especially in concierge, waiter, manager and reception roles.

Health care

Hospitals, general practices and care facilities treat patients from various backgrounds. In positions such as nursing, it is favourable to speak more than one language to understand concerns and comfort patients. Details can also avoid being lost in translation.

How can you showcase this advantage? You can add multiple languages on your I Want 2 WORK jobseeker profile by clicking the ‘languages spoken’ button on your dashboard. Languages are part of the key search criteria employers select which will make YOU appear in their search results!

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