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With Christmas around the corner, we thought we would get into the spirit and have some fun! It’s a great time of year for job seekers to land themselves a festive themed casual role. If you are one of those people who absolutely LOVE Christmas you need to listen up. We’ve done some research and found the best Christmas themed jobs in the world. Here are 6 Christmas themed jobs you never knew you wanted:

1. Christmas light detangler

Depending on what kind of person you are, you may love this job or hate it! We all know that packing away decorations is no where near as fun as putting them up. Therefore, getting the lights tangled is inevitably going to happen to pretty much all of us. It is so common that a Tesco supermarket in Wales put up a job advertisement for a ‘Christmas Light Untangler’ to offer untangling services for customers who brought in their Xmas lights!

2. Christmas cracker joke writer

A tradition for the whole family that we all know and love is the Christmas cracker or bon bon. Typically, these are full of paper crowns, toys and the best part – the jokes. You could be the person that makes the nation giggle and chuckle on Santa’s big day by being the one who formulates the short and sweet jokes.

3. Reindeer carer

This job is for the lucky ones over in North Europe and North America where reindeer are native. It is very popular to have real reindeer in shopping centres and outdoor centres around the festive season. Therefore, the reindeer need special carers to help feed them, walk them, clean up and monitor their wellbeing.

4. Christmas window dresser

Walking past the magical and epic Christmas displays in shop front windows is something many people love about the festive season. These well-crafted displays that you may find at department stores are curated by some pretty lucky people. Who knows, next year it could be your job to create them!

5. Professional present wrapper

One of the festive subtleties of Christmas is taking the time and care in wrapping gifts you have bought for your loved ones. If you are someone who takes pride and joy in gift wrapping this is a job you can do for those who need a little help! You could work at a gift-wrapping station this holiday season at your local major shopping centre.

6. Christmas tree decorator/designer

If you find yourself decorating your Xmas tree with absolute precision i.e. making sure there isn’t too much tinsel or evenly spacing each bauble, this is the job for you! Several companies hire solely for designing and arranging Xmas decorations, wreaths and trees.

Aside from these magical employment options, there are a lot of more realistic jobs available during the Christmas period. Retail is a huge industry that you will always find are hiring over the busy shopping season. Landscaping and labouring jobs are also thriving during this time with businesses and schools on break. If you are looking for some extra work, become an IWant2Work Job Seeker today! Create a job profile that is viewed by employers in the industry you choose. You could get discovered today, and be working tomorrow!

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