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If you are ready to hire for a new position, or you need a role filled, heading straight to a traditional recruitment agency might not be the correct option for your business. In fact, 34% of employers in NSW described their recent recruitment experience as difficult (Australian Government Department of Employment). Many businesses and employers are unaware that there are better alternatives out there.

Some of the restrictions traditional recruitment options place on your business include:

1. Cost

Hiring through a recruitment agency can come at a hefty cost. Not only can it cost you thousands of dollars for the hiring process, you may also pay an additional percentage of the successful candidate’s annual salary. All of this is in addition to your valuable time which you will spend as well. These costs are generally UNAVOIDABLE with a recruitment agency.

2. Time

To hire through a traditional recruitment agency, it may take WEEKS to get the job filled. There will be complicated contracts which can be a lengthy process, and you’re still not in control yet! And once again, you have spent more of your precious time.

3. Control

Hiring through a recruitment agency will require you to hand over control of the recruitment process. Lack of control can be detrimental if something is miscommunicated between you and the recruiter. Some recruitment companies can be money motivated. They may find a good candidate just to fill the job role, but not the superstar you are after!

4. Limited by industry

Many traditional recruitment agencies are limited to one specific industry. This could mean there are job seekers out there that are not aware that you are searching for them!

5. Old school methods

Recruitment agencies work in traditional ways. They advertise the role, scan through resumes and put forward candidates. Traditional methods of hiring are declining in efficacy, especially when there are innovative alternatives.

I Want 2 WORK is a fresh alternative for your business which responds to the thriving digital landscape. We can save you time, money and frustration. Who knows your company and what you do best? You! So why not take control of the recruitment process? Sign up today and make your next recruitment process easy and effective!


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