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4 tips when writing your professional summary

Your Professional Summary gives you the opportunity to distinguish yourself from the rest of the crowd. It’s a paragraph concisely explaining your career goals and professional experience. It lets employers know what you can add to their business, and is an opportunity to showcase your strengths and skill set.

Although it may only be a short paragraph, it can often be the difference between you and another potential candidate.

It’s important to get it right! Here are 4 simple steps to help you on your way:

1. Include your career goals

Including your career goals lets prospective employers know immediately whether you’d be suited to their company. An employer can gauge whether they’d be able to offer you a position which is suitable for your career path and therefore not only makes their life easier, but yours as well!

 2. Include your core strengths and skill sets most suited to your preferred role

Including your strengths and skill sets lets employers know what you can add to their company. This is a great way to distinguish yourself from other candidates. When choosing which strengths and skills to include think carefully about the kind of role you are looking for and what skills are most important to this role.

Your Professional Summary is no place for modesty. Here’s your chance to talk about how great you really are! Just remember – Don’t be shy, but honesty is key!

3. Include relevant experience

It’s no secret that experience sets you above the crowd so if you’ve got it make sure to include it! Experience doesn’t just have to be past employment history either. It can encompass any exposure to your relevant industry including internships, work experience and relevant volunteer work.

4. Keep it concise

You want to be straight to the point. There’s no need for fluff. Employers are looking for facts about you, not a thesis about your entire life. For this reason there’s a word limit on the IW2W profile builder to prevent this from occurring, so make sure you get straight to the point!

An IWant2GetStarted Basic package allows you to create a 200 word summary. It can be well worth the investment of upgrading to an IWant2GetSerious Premium Plus or IWant2StandOut Professional package so you can showcase yourself more effectively to future employers.

Your Professional Summary is an important component of your IWant2Work Candidate Profile. It’s designed to collaborate all of your relevant information so as to present you to prospective employers as effectively and efficiently as is possible.

This will save both you and your potential employer time, money and frustration.


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