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To many the concept of an internship seems like a complete waste of time. Why do an internship when you can work in a bar or retail job earning $27 an hour?

Well the answer is this – you need to view the experience as an investment. An investment towards your future career.

It’s the way to get from a) to b): From that bar job to your actual career.

Still not convinced? Here’s 4 reasons why doing an internship will benefit you.

1. Test the waters guilt free:

Internships are the perfect way to test out different industries / careers without having to fully commit to them. It’s much better to spend a few months trying something out than to spend an entire four years studying it at university,  committing to a full-time position and THEN realising it’s not really what you want do.

2. Increases your employability

Having experience in your chosen industry puts you a step above the rest of the pack. It not only shows you’ve got a greater understanding about the industry and job at hand but also that you’re a dedicated and keen worker.

3. Increased Networks

Interning in your chosen industry is the ultimate way to network and engage with key industry people. As they say – it’s all about “who you know”, and as annoying as this concept might be, for many industries it’s true. The best way to network is through meeting people face-to-face. Work experience gives you direct access to industry experts and an opportunity to expand your networks.

4. It could potentially land you a job

Internships can often be a stepping stone into an actual job. You never know what positions may become available whilst you’re at an organisation and many studies have shown that business owners prefer to hire in-house and through people they know rather than using recruitment agencies and going through the whole rig-ma-role of sorting through candidates.

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