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4 question types to consider when conducting your job interviews

It’s no secret that when conducting a job interview you will be asking the candidate a number of questions but it’s important to make sure you are asking the ‘right’ questions. Interviews are generally of minimal time (depending on the role of course), so it’s important to use this time as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Different types of questions will showcase differing aspects of an individual’s skills and capabilities, so including a variety of question types and having a clear strategy is important.

A number of experts have proposed 4 key question types to consider:

1. Fact-finding:

Fact-finding questions are your easy straight forward questions. It’s often a good idea to ease your candidate into the interview with these types of questions so you can ask the more complex questions further down the track. They are usually used to identify simple facts such as a candidate’s experience, skills and credentials and usually only require simple answers.

2. Creative-thinking:

Creative thinking questions are broader questions requiring the candidate to think more deeply about a particular concept or idea. For example, they may be questions asking the candidate to provide their perspective on a concept such as an industry trend or their understanding about a wider business issue.  Having a candidate who can think deeply about different concepts is a huge asset to any business. It means they will usually be able to grasp the bigger picture about your business and how their particular work will fit in with your business as a whole.

3. Problem-solving:

Problem-solving questions demonstrate a candidate’s ability to think critically. Depending on the type of role you are filling this can vary in importance but having someone who is able to think critically about particular issues or ideas will mean they are able to adjust to a new role and will be equipped with the right-thinking skills to overcome any particular issues  they may face. Critical thinkers are usually really good at ‘thinking outside the square’ and can be highly useful in terms of finding new and innovative strategies for your business.

4. Behavioral:

Behavioral questions address how the candidate would act in particular situations. For example, you may ask them to describe a major mistake they have made and how they addressed this mistake. Experts suggest that behavioral type questions are the most effective way of gauging how a candidate will fit within the culture of your business as well as their ability to perform under pressure.


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