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September 2017

5 basic tech skills you need to have

By Blog

Technology is now a normal part of everyday life. Being tech savvy is no longer a unique skill, it’s a universal one – and one you’ll be expected to have in pretty much any job role you apply for.

Here are 5 of the most essential tech skills to brush up on: Read More

Why cultural fit is critical to the modern company

By Blog, Employer, Job Seeker

Successfully matching a candidate to a specific job role requires more than just the assessment of skills and qualifications. Employer’s need to place importance on cultural fit and consider how each candidate will fit into their workplace environments.

When considering cultural fit it’s important to distinguish between cultural background and cultural fit. We aren’t referring to an individual’s ethnicity (in fact multi-culturalism is highly encouraged in Australian workplaces) but rather an individual’s interests, values and unique personality traits. It is ultimately their ability to fit in with a particular workplace culture and its underlying values.

So why is this important?

Read More

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