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April 2017


By FAQ - Profile

Whether you’re looking for work or talent, creating a profile is easy. If you are a Job Seeker you can sign up HERE. If you are an Employer you can sign your business up HERE.

Once you have set up an account, visit your profile page and follow the prompts. Try to fill in as many details as possible, including all your contact details and a professional photo. You can come back at any time to edit your profile.

profile picture

What not to do when choosing a headshot

By Blog, Job Seeker, Profile Picture

Your social media profile photos are creating a first impression whether you like it or not.  If you are not using an image on your profile, chances are your potential employers are checking you out on social media.  What impressions do you think your social images are projecting?

We asked Karen Merry, a professional portrait photographer from Melbourne to give us some tips.

A study by job website theladders.com indicated that recruiters spend more time looking at your photo than reading your resume.

An eye-tracking heat map found that they spent 19% of their time on your photo and significantly less time reviewing your skills or past work experience. Read More

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