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March 2017

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I Want 2 WORK – hack #1

By Blog, FAQ - Profile, Job Seeker, Personal Profile, Professional Profile

As a Job Seeker, which field is the most important field on your profile?

When you are completing your profile, one of the most important fields to set is “Your Next Job“. You can find the link on Your Personal Dashboard, when you log into the I Want 2 Work site.

Why is “Your Next Job” so important? Employers will be searching for candidates using “Type of Job” as their key search criteria. It therefore stands to reason that a prospective employer will want to search for a specific job role, like a Photographer, Motor Mechanic or Carpenter. If you want to appear in these search results you need to have “Your Next Job” set. You can change your next job as often as you like, and you also have the opportunity to list a number of jobs which you have the education, skills or desire to do by upgrading your account. Think carefully about the type of job you want to be offered as we have over 800 different jobs in the I Want 2 WORK database already. Read More

where to place your time when looking for a job

Where to place your time when looking for a job

By Blog, Career Development, Job Seeker

The current recruitment paradigm has made the online job search world an increasingly crowded arena.

Job seekers often place value in quantity of job applications, holding the view that surely out of a thousand applications they’re bound to hear back from someone.

And when they don’t, well…. frustration hits the roof.

But as we stress over and over again – QUALITY IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN QUANTITY

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